Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why we lag behind?

America is the blood thirst, Oil thirst, atrocious, barbarous and a brutal country in whole world. In fact other countries are unable to raise voice against bullshit country because mostly cowards are living there & they are busy in preparing & eating Biyaani, Naan, masala Kabab till beast will be under their feet.
America is responsible for inflicting pain & sufferings, physical & mental torture to people in the world.
They are responsible for millions of innocent killings in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine & now thousands in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon. They are responsible for worldwide rapes by sharing their mothers & sisters for sexual intercourse with their friends & they call it being civilized. There is only difference between a dog & most of Americans, 'an Americans wear rings in nose, ears eyelids & other shit parts but dog is wearing collar, now both differences overrode & all are hard to differentiate...thuuuuuuuuuuuu
What Muslims expect more from America, before some days they said mosques are increasing terror & Muslim institutions (Darul Ulooms) are creating terrorists in world by pointing some institutions 'Wo Kare to Ramleela hum kare to character deela'. The historical battles are regenerated to rule the world, if not then why America is becoming 'Kabab main haddi' everywhere. America will never be happy, for every cruel some anti-cruel will surely take a birth & will end the whole doctrine of culprits.

If we will stand for one motto till death also, unity is still a lip moment for Muslims, they will never act upon it & I came to know mostly Muslims perform duties of Islam to b popular, to earn, to show in societies.
God damn these speakers are noisy mostly in Ramadan, there is no soul of prayer anywhere in India.
In metropolitan cities there is race of status, wealth, property & in rural areas there is noise pollution.
'GOD there is no peace on earth though the word PEACE remained'. People are in race to get degrees in colleges but for what, when they still remain ignorant like donkeys with load of books without getting the real meaning of life. Many people I saw are diamonds with experience & many still lead life with ignorance as how the people are not similar in appearance likewise people aren't similar in souls.

After coming out of narrow minded boundaries, after we will understand why the kings and servants stand in rows with connected shoulders to pray Allah in mosques. There is no big or small, black or white, healthy or unhealthy, bulky or lean, rich or poor infront of Allah but the good deeds. A Muslim should never hurt any creature on the earth until he is not being hurt by anyone. There is no question of rich & poor in Allah's assembly, to whom Allah wants gives him unlimited & to whom he is not giving much, doesnt mean Allah left him but Allah kept his property in property & money of royals. Never be unhappy if some rugged beggar is coming & asking you to give something.
'Be sincere to every living creature & think of pain while giving it to someone'

Why Muslims are perceived by doubted sights?
Why Muslims are entangled in conspiracies?
Why young Muslims are targeted as terrorists?
Why Muslims are used as puppets?
Why Muslims aren't realizing what is happening with them?
Why full rights are seized from Muslims?
Why the emotions of Muslims doesn't have any value?
Why Muslims are backward in education,societies & dwelling?

We are not united !
We never trust each other !
We are unskilled & without assortment !
We are casualties of inferiority complex !
We aren't recognizing friend & enemy !
We have deficiency of sincerity !
we are unconscious of our powers !
We are compassionate but non sense !

  • U will notice the worst condition of Muslims in whole India in environmental problems, education, employment. There is no sanitation, drains, pure water, roads in almost all Muslim localities I have seen in many places & there is poverty, homelessness, unemployment in lots of communities. I had seen Muslim localities living in slums suffering from lots of diseases because of poor hygiene & their parents are unable to provide them proper care in almost all Indian states.

    آجکل لوگ اسلام کی بات کو کیسے سمجتے ہیں- ایک آدمی دوسرے کو کہتا ہیں -تم فلاں مولوی کو جانتے ہو- وہ آڈیو میں کیا کہتا ہیں- اگر آدمی کسی مولوی کو نہیں جانتا تو لوگ شرک اور کفر کا فتویٰ لگاتے ہیں - اور تو اور بعد میں کسی دوسرے کو کہتے ہیں بھائی اسے بات کرنا فضول ہیں - یہ دوسری پارٹی کا آدمی ہیں- کیا یہ سہی ہیں مجھے تو نہیں لگتا کوئی بھی مذہب اسکی اجازت دیتا ہوگا -اور اسلام تو بیچارگی پیار و محبّت کا دین ہیں- یہاں نبی صلی نے فرمایا "مسلمان مسلمان سے محفوظ رہتا ہیں اسکے ہاتھ سے اسکی زبان سے "اے کاش ہم سمجتے کہ کوئی گھر کا نہیں کہتا سب نبی الہی سلام سے سنی سنائی بات کہتے ہیں مسجدوں میں کانفرنسز میں -لکن فرک صرف اتنا ہیں کی کسی مولوی کی الگ پارٹی ہیں تو کسی کی الگ -آخر مولوی کی دنیا بھی تو ہیں جبتک کسی کے خلاف نہیں بولتا تو کھانا حزم کیسے ہوگا -
    بس ایک رہو نیک رہو یہی تڑپ ہیں رفیق کے سینے میں -

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shaykh Noor din Noorani R.A

Lokchaar rovum manz gaflatas,
Tamtah tuli sue yami suli cheun;
Badith shuub kya ibadatus,
Vani piyom chetas greki vez noor.
Sahibo che bod buland kah ne,
Tagihame karhe chey itaat;
Ba yod zaanha dunya chun keh ne,
Na haq dunyahich barha ne barinth.
Poz dapan pan zan natakh,
Apuz dapan lagi ras;
Muhammad travith Iblees ratak,
Khudai dutey te khatak kus
Yeman kya karakh deyaran,
Yem hoo rozan yeeti;
Nimaz puchey ho maran,
Paaph zaanith kati;
Nazar karto and mazaran,
Saari zi sar mooti.
Jaiy chein chay Goor'e bal te,
Tot seet kah nov wasey;
Tati petrun chuey pannis paanus,
Wah zuwo paayes petto!
Dil chuy gaad te hakhey moo thawen,
Zikri hend poen deus lasyoe taave;
Nimaz chay zameenus phal zan waven,
Ad bacha nende karus khasiyo tawe.
Nafes ditukh aure meenith,
Gashake zeenith karakh ne foth;
Dam diyo hakas laal zan zeenith,
Nat chi kulun nafsin zaikatul mot.
Paran paran ti par gayey,
Tim khar gaye kitab bora heth;
Yem Dil nish ba khabar gayey,
Tim nar gayey fazal te ata heath.
Yath jaye Daf te Rabab wazan,
Tath jaye shaytan rozan asey;
Ti asan karan yenee asi pazan,
Tawe Shahib balaiye sozan asi;
Meeoth khewan te hazan maazan,
Tawe alakh te palak dazan asi;
Keh Shaykh lagith watan peth rozan,
Lokan panus kun pheran asi;
Soen chey goab te tali koone wazan,
Sartal zair e wazan asi.
Hazrati shahas shaeri yazdanus,
Yem chot khey mehmaanus seet;
Rasooli Khudayas shahi sultanus,
Yos ummat panen heye panus seet.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NARENDER MODI - The Hero of India is mentally disturbed.

I am opening my post by quoting the following Hadith of Tabrani narrated by Maaz bin Jabal in which Prophet of this Ummah said 'When the political system will sadistically become wrong, then those rulers will rule Muslims, who will lead them to wrong route in society. If the criticism of these rulers will be accepted, the people will lead to astray and if people will not accept them, rulers will murder them. Then Companions of Prophet said to Prophet, 'What is the instruction during these times' The Prophet replied ' You have to proceed with the same during these times, like how the companions of Jesus Christ suffered. They were incised by axes, they were hanged till death, but they didn't kept their arms before the culprits. It is better to die in obedience to Allah, then to survive for disobedience to Allah.
Narender modi - the extrajudicial murderer before being the PM of India was projected by intelligence powers and mass media as the hero of India. The man who should be in jail, became PM on the basis of money and support from extremist agenda. He violated many laws including religious freedom being as a pseudo secular anti-Muslim lair. He was involved in Muzaffarnagar riots in 27 August 2013, when 27 to 50 Muslim women were raped but they didn't share their agony due to social restraint. A politician Naseem Uddin Siddique said "The violence of Muzaffarnagar is on and Govt is the mute spectator to it.The Govt is doing politics of Communalism. Everybody knows the arrests over Muzafarnagar riot case took place, but the file was closed after Narender modi was behind the scenario.

There are ample criminal charges against the train tea vender, including Gujrat 2002 riots, Godra Train burning, Corruption charges, Murder charges and much more. In Gujrat there is 10 percent of Muslim population, in which maximum number are under convicts and trials. They are unaffordable of  the cost of Lawyers or their cases are not presented in courts. Still the Gujrati Muslims are contributors for major Muslim welfare as they are doing their own businesses all over the globe.

Now after he became PM, still he is not leaving Muslims to sleep comfortably in nights by pointing fingers to basic articles and laws including 370 article in Kashmir. Before being PM you were promising us the employments, development, prosperity, Acchay din, where are these all lagging behind. Now Muslims are ready to forget everything, "if rather than healing touch policy, our wounds will really heal".

Hope for the best

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hazrat Syed Sultan Fakurudin (R.A)

The Dargah is visited by hundreds daily in the vicinity of Newa Pulwama Kashmir, but Government never paid attention to its beautification.
The sufi shrine of sufi saint Hazrat Syed Sultan Fakurudin R.A, located at Newa, Pulwama, Kashmir is managed by Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Wakf board from more than 30 years now, having income in millions but Government is waiting to engulf more money then may try for betterment of shrine and its surroundings.
The sufi saint was in Kashmir for the cause of Islam some 500 years before, although the real history is not known, but the clues of miracles from them and their initiatives are known through poise old people of town and from old scripts including their relations with Sheikh Noor din Noorani, Imam e Azam, Shah e Hamdan R.A.
The spiritual saint was leading normal life with his wife ZOON DED and his son Shaheed Sahab but latter his wife also adopted the lonely life in jungles, away from home in cave near Zadoora to spread Islam in Brahmin majority of Kashmir.Some said they came from somewhere and many said they were residing in the town, my dad Haji Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh said, 'Syed Sultan Fakurudin was residing in mountain cave for praying which was like home inside, when i was young i used to go there', unfortunately the egocentric people chopped those mountains leaded no signs of caves.The wife ZOON DED of saint was famous for her revocations directly accepted by Allah.
 The son of saint Shaheed sahab was eight years old when he showed miracle(Karamat) in those times which is famous till today, during his childhood he came riding the tiger from forest with a big snake in mouth of Tiger for pulling and another gigantic snake for beating tiger to make fast drive,after seeing the whole incident his father badly blessed him for martyrdom on the bank of stream as the event tormented him and same happened he was then buried there on the bank of stream, today while visiting the graveyard you will see the small damaged dome.
Las Bab was the another saint even during my times, who after his years of toil rested in Siksarai, before 5 years he departed from world.He was fast during life visiting Dargahs and was supplicating there, people who were present during his presence in Dargah were listening his cries asking Syed Sultan Fakurudin to grant him place to stay there but as saint while in his Dargah was rejecting then he was reprehending as 'ok then you stay i will leave(matee ditee jaay yati, aasa dikna tali phat che yati) then LAS BAB was leaving.
There are other Dargahs of sufi saints in the town attached to the Sultan in one or the other way around Sultan's Dargah, all are in defective condition so we as citizens request Government to work for the betterment of all, with out only being popular as Sultan was King but never liked popularity.

Dawn of Kashmir.

What is happening in whole world? why all are happy except me? why people percepts of creed, caste, quality, sex, status, wealth, before doing some favor to entity in the societies? why there is no practical equality of  human beings? why people ignore pain of other individuals?
There are many more questions always irritating my mind, i want to confer best life for people but there is nothing with which i can assist the necessitous & always when i tried to do something practiced i felt in short of valuable resources.
I exhilarate my deep beautification to people as i am horrified of fulfilling my dreams in short life.I anyway had afforded my life to people by choosing the profession which is best suited for assisting the sufferer & adding quality to their lives, that is the reason why i love being Muslim & Physiotherapist.

In Kashmir the human beings partiality is developing nowadays, every religion is expelling these infected materials out of pure boxes. Islam condemns it by saying "The most honored of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you" (49, 13)  as there is more than 95% Muslim population in Kashmir so people should accept equality of Islam in families, societies, genders, castes, colors, stereotypes, status, everywhere in offices.
  • This is also asserted in a tradition of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, which states; "0 Mankind, your lord is one and your father is one. You all descend from Adam, and Adam was created from earth. He is most honored among you in the sight of God who is most upright. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no colored person to a white person, or a white person to a colored person except by taqwa.
  • In another tradition, the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, was asked : "Who among men is most favoured by God?' He replied : "A man who does the most good to people." 
Every living creature is alive with feelings, senses, emotions which are very brittle to break, so humans should consider humans as humans or else an animal is better than humans, then having better physiological systems than a man.

Mostly when some Bakarwal, Gujjar are coming homes for their own diligent works, Kashmiri families quit food & drinkings or sometimes if these people won't got vehicles for home late in night (as you all know the infrastructure and traffic of Kashmir) nobody is allowing them to stay for night.

For God sake don't change scriptures, change yourself, is there anything remaining for deterioration of Kashmir?

After 5 years Mulana Dawoodi Sahab

I published this blog when there was an Islamic conference somewhere in Tahab Pulwama and Maulana Abdul Rashid Dawoodi was attacked by terrorists, he escaped from little injuries but another man was martyred  and then media was trying to highlight this bloody event by correlating it to persons who were associated to SAUT UL AWLIYA. I was in Computer lab of my Oxford College in Bangalore, and after I watched its close picture, I created a blog keeping in mind that it may hinder those who are writing wrong about the Organization, even I was not familiar of Internet still I wrote and till now the blog is been watched by 11225 people.
Thanks to God 'Saut ul Awliya' was movement, then became Organization and now it is Institution in Banga Nowgam Aashagipora Islamabad, Kashmir, with gigantic Mosque, endless field and it is growing day after night. At a time 300 students are studying there and now the Saut ul Awliya team had launched beautiful website including blogs and discussion pages. May God give this Institution and its Organizations name, fame, reputation, honor and everything.
Now I don't want to delete the published blog and further I will update all the upcoming programs of Organization.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Maulana Abdul Rashid Dawoodi

He is residing in Kashmir with his melodious voice,which is driving hundreds of erratic individuals to true path of Islam.His main aim is to create awareness among Muslim majority of Kashmir in view of Awliyas as he is running his movement named SUAT-UL-AWLIYA with his other hundreds of knowledgeable Islamic men and scholars.While delivering a talk he wants people to pay attention towards his talk which is completely understandable to even layman. Ah! many people had misunderstood him and his colleagues so here i want to drive their attention towards the leading personality.There are lots of talks available as YouTube videos, video cassettes which are extremely galvanizing and melodious. People assembled during his presence can't remain without 'Dawoodi sahab zindabaad' (Dawoodi may live long).